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Are you sexy enough?
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01. Applicants must be 13+. Nobody wants to look at little girls or boys.
02. Post your application within 48 hours of joining
03. Put your application under an lj cut. If you don’t know how, don’t apply. Go read How to use an lj cut and then come back and apply.
04. Fill out the entire application. Do not omit any answers or leave questions blank.
05. You must have 2 or more pictures. No nudies, no photoshopped. You must include a 150x150 picture for the members list. They must NOT be links. Don’t make us work to see you. Upload your pictures to a reliable image hosting site, such as photobucket. If you dont know how to make your pictures not a link, here is how: <*img src="your link here"*> Just remove the stars and you are good to go. NO EXCUSES!
06. Application questions must be in bold and your answers in normal text, or vice versa. Bottom line; make it easy for us to read.
07. Put “Am I sexy enough?” in the subject line, or the text of your LJ cut so I know that you read the rules. If you don’t, you will automatically be rejected, but you may reapply in 24 hours with it fixed.
08. Proper spelling and grammar is a must. It’s not that hard to use spell check. If you TyP lIk DiS, I will hate you and you will automatically be banned.
09. DO NOT argue with stamped members or Mods. This only makes you look pathetic and will result in you being banned.
10. If rejected, you may reapply in 48 hours. If you are rejected for a 3rd time, take a hint and go away.
11.Voting will last a week, or until all members have voted. Please be patient when waiting to be stamped, if it has been a long time since you applied and you havent been stamped, please bring it to the attention of a moderator.

01. When voting, please put yes, no or undecided in the subject line.
02. Be as nice as you can. If they are ugly, or annoy you, let them know it, but be kind!! Remember, you are the elite.
03. When posting pictures, please use an LJ cut! That is a MUST!
04. If you post a promotion, it MUST be under an lj cut, and you need to put “promotion” in the subject line. If you fail to follow this rule, you will be warned 3 times. After the 3rd time, you will be banned.
05. HAVE FUN!!

Dating status:
What makes you sexy(physically or not):
Make-up Line:
Opinions on...
Paris Hilton:
Nicole Richie:
Plastic Surgery:
Word association (write the first word or phrase that comes to wind when you hear...)
Britney Spears:
Christina Aguilera:
Paris Hilton:
Promote to at least two places, post the links here!!!!(yes we will be checking)
Now post 3-5 pictures of yourself:

Samantha (on the far left holding the paper)


copy and paste the link onto wherever it is that you are promoting us!
(take out the star)