a girl who chooses to remain nameless (beyondblack08) wrote in all_sexy_people,
a girl who chooses to remain nameless

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Dating status: Single
What makes you sexy: .. I dont really know if this is a physical question or not.. but I'm just gonna say the fact that I don't care what anyone thinks of me.. I wear what I what.. Say what I want.. and do what I want. . . and thats all there is to it.
Color: Pink and black.. pink because its kind of girlie, which can be cute as times.. and black because everyone looks good in it, and it also makes you look slim:)
Make-up Line: Annabelle and  N.Y.C
Brand: Tattoo.. well thats what most of my jeans are
Movie: Dirty Dancing... I could watch that movie over and over and not get sick of it..
Song: Goodies- Ciara
Opinions on...
Paris Hilton: I think shes really pretty.. but the whole sex tape thing kinda threw me off. . although i think shes awesome, aside from that of course
Nicole Richie: very pretty. . . there really isnt any reason in particular for me to not like her..
Diets: I think they're okay if you reeeally need to go on one, for health isues.. although, i absolutely hate it when someone skinny always say they have to go on a diet.. i mean, whats the point..
Plastic Surgery: personally, i wouldnt get it done.. however, there are some people who are born with deformities and whatnot that can be fixed with plastic surgery so in that case i completely support it..
Word association (write the first word or phrase that comes to wind when you hear...)
Bubbles: pop
Pop: can
Stars: sky
Britney Spears: married
Christina Aguilera: shes okay
Paris Hilton: sex tape(obvious one)
Blondes: la la la... dont ask
Brunettes: me:)
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